English At the Airport – 10 Phrases & Questions You MUST Know

June 6, 2018 - Priscila Pereira

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Hey, friends!

Are you ready for a very useful post? It is time to learn 10 important phrases you may use at the airport!


Speaking English at the airport can be frightening and stressful for some people. Traveling requires a lot of planning, people are usually in a hurry and on top of that, you may feel the pressure of communicating properly with people at the airport.

Missing a flight? Oh my goodness, that can’t happen!


But what do you do in those annoying situations when you want to ask a question but you don’t know how? In this post, I will show you 10 useful questions and phrases you can use at the airport that will definitely make your life easier!


If you follow my channel on youtube, I have two very nice vídeos just for you!

One vídeo is about the 7 questions you must know at Customs and Immigrations. Here is the link


The other video is about the 7 questions you must know at the check-in:




But, now let’s focus on the questions, shall we?


  1. Where Can I get a taxi?


Yeah, you may need a taxi and sometimes you can’t find signs around the airport that will help you find them alone (or maybe you are so tired that you can’t even see the signs right in front of you). You can ask this question to any airport staff and they will definitely know how to help you.

If you don’t understand the explanation, relax! Just ask them:

Can you repeat that, please?

Can you speak more slowly, please?



  1. where is the baggage claim?


If you checked your bags, you will need to get your bags when you arrive at your final destination. Some people get pretty lost once they arrive and it is ok if that happens. Just follow the crowd (yes, most people are going there) but if you still want to ask someone for help, this is the question for.


  1. Is my flight on time?

This is a question that you don’t necessarily need to ask (you can check the timetable with arrivals and departures at any airport around the world). However, if you are checking in and you want to ask this question, you can! It is actually the perfect time to do so! I Always ask!


  1. Where is the check-in counter for ____ Airlines?

If you are having problems to find the counter for your airline company, you can stop a security guard or any other staff member of the airport and they will definitely help you with that!


  1. I have a connecting flight. Do I Have to recheck my bags?

This is another question you should ask at the time of the check-in. Most of the times you won’t need to recheck your bags. They will go straight to your final destination. However, it is a good idea to ask so.  You don’t want your luggage to stay behind!


  1. How long is my flight delayed?

You can ask this question at the time of the check-in in case your flight is not on time. If your flight is delayed, it may be a good idea to know for long so that you can make the necessary arrangements should you need to book a hotel or need to call Family or people from work.


7. How many bags Can I check?

Also,  a very important question you can ask at the time of the check-in (or check online before you start packing. Actually, checking this information online is much better, because you don’t want to pay additional fees). The number of bags you can check may vary depending on whether your flight is domestic or international.


  1. “American Airlines flight 202 to New York is now boarding.”

Basically, this message means:  it’s time for passengers to enter the plane. When we go to our gate, we may need to wait a little longer before we can start boarding! When it is time to board, the airline attendants usually use this phrase.


  1. “Please have your boarding pass and identification ready for boarding.

After passengers start boarding, attendants may pass by you and ask you to have your boarding pass with you so that you can show them at your turn. They can also say this phrase when they announce it is time to board.


  1. This is the final boarding call for American Airlines flight 202 to New York

Oh, that horrible feeling you get when you hear this. A few years ago, I had a connecting flight from Miami to Boston. I was coming back from London. I was late for this flight and as I ran to my gate, I could hear this message. Then, I heard them saying my full name! Yes!! Talk about good listening skills, huh? I was the last person to board the plane (Thank GOD!) But it is important to pay attention to the messages you hear while you are at the airport, especially if you are late. This is the final call they make for people to board and if you miss it, well, game over!


There are more lessons I want to teach you. There are many things you need to learn about the airport but these questions and my two vídeos on youtube will definitely prepare you!

What would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments




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